Getting Started

The online P.P.M.E. tool is located at

You will see the Sign in page where you can enter your credentials and access the system.


If you haven’t yet received your access information, you can send a registration request by clicking the Register for an account button on the Sign in page.

Registration Process

To register (or sign up) as an entity, you will need to fill in the required information on the form and click the Register button.


Please ensure that your details are correct, especially your email address, before submission. After successful review of your request, you will be granted access to the P.P.M.E. tool.

Sign in Process

Input the credentials given to you into the Sign in form and ensure your username and password details are correct. The system will notify you of an invalid sign in by displaying a red alert or notification.


On successful login, you will be presented with your Home page or Dashboard.